What kids have endured during Covid-19


What kids have endured during Covid-19

Insight of Youth Exhibition & Auction 2022

Insight of Youth Exhibition and Auction for the Arts is an initiative of ISucceed Virtual High School senior Jake Gonzales. His goal is to show people what kids are feeling and experiencing through the expression of art. The exhibition will feature the work of talented 13-19 year old artists who have created original artwork in response to the theme ‘what kids have endured during Covid-19’. All exhibited artwork will be auctioned with half of the proceeds donated to the grass roots effort Empty Bowls. 


Create an artwork, with a story that’s personal to you, that addresses the theme ‘’what kids have endured during Covid-19.’’ The goal is to make your feelings about Covid-19 tangible through art.

Provide us with nice quality pictures of the artwork you are submitting and tell us a little bit about the story behind it. If your art piece is 3D make sure to take pictures from different angles. Apply by filling out the ‘SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK!’ form on this webpage.

Ryan Wise (Artist & Nampa High School Art Teacher), Bill Lewis (Artist & Nampa High School Art Teacher), Christina Wilkins (Artist & Nampa High School Art Teacher), Kristen Cooper (Artist & MING Studios Artistic Director), & Jake Gonzales (Project Creator, Artist & ISucceed Virtual High School Class of 2022) will select artwork based on its response to the theme, artistic quality, and cohesion to the guidelines below. If your artwork is selected, you will be contacted April 28th with further information about artwork drop-off and event details.

All selected artworks will be auction on the opening night of Insight of Youth 2022 at MING Studios. When the artworks are sold, 50% of the proceeds will go towards the Empty Bowls Foundation (which is a charity to help feed the less fortunate) and the other 50% will go to you!

*Please note, only selected artwork submissions will be featured in the gallery.

  1. Treasure Valley artists ages 13-19 are eligible to submit 1 artwork.
  2. Artworks must remain under 4 by 6 feet.
  3. Selected artists will be responsible for delivering their artwork to MING Studios.​
  4. All artists are required to upload a completed the ‘Young Artist Permission Slip’ (file below) with their submissions. Artists under 18 years should complete the form with their legal guardian.


Download File

Artwork Submissions Due: April 18th
Notification of Selected Artists: April 28th
Delivery of Artwork to MING Studios: Thursday, May 5, 5-7PM
Opening Event & Auction: Saturday, May 7, 5PM
Exhibition Dates: May 7 – 21 (by appointment and during MING open hours)
What kids have endured during Covid-19
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