“it’s not a lack of food, the problem is food distribution” – John Hartom

The Empty Bowls project continues to grow around the world with the universal need as John Hartom had for seen.  There is no lack of food it is a food distribution problem.  Decisions by the leaders of countries can carry down to weather or not a child goes hungry.   Thank you for your continued support in bringing awareness to this problem in your community.

I am creating a book “A 1000 Bowls” with images and bowls from events all over the world.   Please send in pictures and bowls with event information to be featured on this site and in the book.

TAG #emptybowls online to share your success.

For more information about collaborating with Empty Bowls in your area:https://emptybowls.com/start-an-empty-bowls-event-in-your-area/



LeRoy Grubbs

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