Benton County Empty Bowls

DINE AND SHINE – Benton County Empty Bowls

Hello all, Forgive me if you get more than one of these emails. Benton County Empty Bowls, (A,K,A Ozark Empty Bowls), is hosting a celebratory and get acquainted picnic on August 28th, social interaction at 2:00 PM and food served from 4 until 6 PM, then more social interaction. The picnic is called DINE AND SHINE. The picnic […]

Gift a bowl

Give a handcrafted ceramic bowl and at the same time provide 10 meals for every $1 you spend. Your gift will make the recipient happy, the person receiving the meals happy, the pottery artist happy and also you will feel happy knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life. During this year of […]

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