Benton County Empty Bowls

Benton County Empty Bowls Announcement

We have an announcement Find Out More Just received $42.45 from Amazon Smiles Foundation for 3rd quarter of 2022. That means that people that choose us as their charity for Amazon Smiles spent over $8,400 on Amazon during that period. If you haven’t chosen a charity for Amazon purchases, please choose us, it’s no additional […]

Help us beat hunger

Benton County Empty Bowls. November 13th. Tomorrow is the Drive Thru Soup Event. We will have over 300 more bowls for sale, plus our fantastic cookbook “150 GREAT RECIPES FOR EMPTY BOWL”. In addition some very nice T-shirts. Our goal for 2021 is $20,000 in bowl sales, we are within $3,420 of that goal, only […]

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