Hemingford Nebraska Empty Bowls

Hemingford NE


Hello, Mr. Grubbs!

My name is Millie, and I’m a K-12 Art Educator in the Western Panhandle of Nebraska.  I’m so excited to be organizing our very first Empty Bowls fundraiser in our little town of Hemingford.  We are a VERY rural area that is highly populated with Ag producers, and though many of us in this area are blessed to feed America through our livelihoods, there are still many who are experiencing food insecurity and hunger. The local ministerial council oversees the food pantry here, and has sent me numbers for how much food is distributed.  

I plan to use this information in a presentation I’m putting together for my students as we begin the project. Our public health district has provided me with statistics for our county and surrounding areas, and I have information for the state level as well.  I want to make this as relevent as I can for the kids, but I was also hoping to include information about the Empty Bowls organization to give them a bigger picture.  I have found most of what I need on the website, but am wondering if you have any information or graphics you could share with me about how many countries have seen benefits from the project?  Because we live in such a secluded area, I find that many of my students haven’t traveled farther than Omaha (6 hours East) or Denver (6 hours South.). In my instruction, we study a different artist every month and include how their culture and life experiences have influenced their art – what they make and why they create it. Because we often go fairly in-depth, my students have developed a curiosity about the world around them that they didn’t have before.  I’d love to give them a bit more scale of how this project influences those in need all over the United States AND throughout the world.  

Any information you could share with me would be SO appreciated!

Thank you Millie for your heart of love and caring for so many!   We do have a few of the events in other countries listed now on the map.   The event continues to grow and pop up world wide.

Empty Bowls is recognized on an international level for the contribution that each individual potter has made.   The vision statement Think Globally – Act Locally shows that each one of us have the ability to make a difference.   The moment of kindness to reach out, give, love mercy and share our lives with others locally is how the world is changed.

I can’t tell you how much I personally appreciate your help with these children.   Giving them a vision for life is priceless.



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Hemingford Nebraska Empty Bowls
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