Operation Food Search Empty Bowls

Operation Food Search Empty Bowls

Hi Empty Bowls,

Thanks for getting back to me. I wasn’t sure how to do this. So we are a non-profit independent private high school. Our mission is to strive for social justice while pursuing academic achievement. We have a program called 5th day which is 1 day a week when the students have a chance to dig deeper into a subject that doesn’t fall within the regular school day. My 5th day class is ceramics so I introduced them to Empty bowls and they wanted to participate. We do have a 5th day page on our website but not one for any specific class. At the end of this semester we will have what we call exhibition day where we all talk about our achievements during 5th day. The public is invited (ie. Parents, board members etc.) so we will be holding our empty bowls event during this time. The money raised will go directly to Operation Food Search, www.operationfoodsearch.org, a local organization that provides food assistance to over 200,000 people a month. I am attaching their info here and you have our website already. Let me know what else I can provide.

Thank You for all that you do,


                                          “Art is not a thing, it is a way”. Elbert Hubbard

Christa Gearhart Denney (she/her)

Fine Arts Department Chair

Crossroads College Preparatory School

Operation Food Search Empty Bowls
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