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Thank you Sheryl I really appreciate the note.   The Empty Bowls project is really a loose organization of grass roots events of artists all over the world who get together for the support and benefit of those in distress.   Most events give to food local food pantry.   I ran the Empty Bowls event in Kansas City for five years with profits going to the Harvesters Food Network.   We made a Thousand bowls as a group of artists around Kansas City.   Selling 300 to 400 bowls a year at $25 each.   Then each year replenished the bowl count back to 1000.

As each event, on an international stage, grows up.   Some are now reporting revenues in the 100k range.  We don’t really track the numbers or receive any benefit from the events.   Just working together (networking) to create a great art event for people to help people.

Some personal note here is that I consider each bowl a work of art contributed by all skill level of potters.   “Empty Bowls” are really art events where patrons get to buy a piece of art (bowls are amazing).

The original creator of the Empty Bowls project has passed away (John Hartom) and the domains fell into public hands.   I have purchased the domains as an effort to keep the community together.   Always looking for ideas to make it better.

For more information that might help:  FAQs

Please do reach out and ask questions.    I really appreciate all that you do.


LeRoy Grubbs


On Feb 4, 2020, at 4:26 PM, Sheryl Jean <> wrote:

Hello LeRoy,

I’m a journalist writing an article for The Dallas Morning News about Bill Reed, an artist in Denton, Texas, who makes bowls for Empty Bowls of Denton.

I already have talked with Bill and one of the administrators for the Dallas organization, but I have some questions about Empty Bowls on a national and international basis. I found your name and email online, so I hope you can help me or refer me to someone who can.

Here are my questions:

  • How many total bowls have been sold since Empty Bowls began in 1990? How many just in 2019? Please provide the separate statistics for the United States and worldwide.
  • How many total artists donate bowls in the United States and worldwide?
  • Do all of the proceeds from the sale of bowls go to a local soup kitchen or food center, or are there other types of recipients?
  • Do you track number of bowls per artist? What is the most from any one artist in a given year?

Please respond as soon as possible this week via email or phone. Thank you.


Sheryl Jean





Media Inquiry
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