Invite Kansas City

This month for me is focused on “Invite Kansas City”. Our Twitter / Instagram tag is #emptybowlskc.

We have a 1000 bowls that have been donated to the event with with hope of $25 donation for each bowl as well as the art. It is rumored that there is to be a 2016 Harley Sportster too from the AmVets Post 181. I’ll have a confirmation on Thursday night if the Harley is going to make it.

We have a Ned Yost signed baseball and a bronze KU Jayhawk. As well as art donated for auction from Jilli Nel. John Holt (For 4 News) will be hosting the event with Jilli.

We have soup from Michaels, Nara’s and BB’s Backyard BBQ. Boulevard Brewing has donated twenty (20) cases and KC Bier Co. has donated two kegs.

So this is a first Friday Nov. 4th. Make a donation, pick a bowl, get some soup, check out the Harley and art for the auction.

Please let me know if this all makes since.



Invite Kansas City
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