I’m EB

I am EB

As the students finished trimming the bowls they marked the bottom with “EB”.   Hundreds of bowls are created by multiple students with enthusiasm.   Each bowl is now marked and set on the shelf.  The bowls will be dried then bisque fired then glazed and fired a second time before completion.  Once completed the bowls will be boxed and set aside for the night of the event.

The bowls are for the up coming Empty Bowls event to raise funds to help the local food bank with the annual budget. The international Empty Project has raised more then a million dollars in a effort to fight hunger and raise awareness of food scarcity in the local community.   The goal of the Empty Bowls project as set forth by John Hartom is the guiding light.   In keeping with with that vision we are changing the world.

As guest arrive for the event they select a bowl and notice the initials on the bottom.  Signed by the artist with the initials “EB”.   Being curious one of the guest asked the event host “Who is EB?”.   His answer was quick “We Are!”.

Thank you for being part of the Empty Bowls project.   Your contributions of time, bowls and financial support ultimately changes the world of an individual.

Changing The World, The Nation, The City, The Community, the world of the people around you.




I’m EB
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