About Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls is a grassroots movement by artists and crafts people in cities and towns around the world to care for and feed the hungry in their communities. 

Empty Bowls supports food-related charitable organizations around the world, and has raised millions of dollars to help end hunger. 

Think Globally – This Empty Bowls website is dedicated to all the Empty Bowls events around the world to unite for the purpose of sharing our culture, to end hunger and caring for one another. To Live Generously.

The heart of the world was touched when John Hartom’s ceramics class made some bowls.

Please do post and share event information online.  #EmptyBowls  In recognition of all the events around the world and the richness of the cultures we share.

Empty Bowls is recognized world wide for the contributions to local community.  Sharing, caring and touching the hearts of people all over the world.

Need your help.  1000 Bowls

I would like to collect bowls from all over the world. Each submitted bowl will be photo graphed then featured online and in a book (when we have 50 or more) with the Empty Bowls event bio. The Bio can contain an event logo, story about the event and statement, the inspiration for community service, story of the bowl, photos of the lives and people touched, event sponsors, how the bowl is used and a picture of food that is served.  All submitted bowls will be used and auctioned off with the next Empty Bowls event.  Proceeds from the book will go to local food bank.

Send a Bowl

Please send a bowl to be featured on the Empty Bowls site. My address is listed down on the bottom of the page. In exchange for the bowl I’ll also send you a free Empty Bowls stamp or custom 1/2″ (aka 13mm) signature stamp from www.claystamps.com.

Act Locally –  Google “Empty Bowls” to find the Empty bowls event in your area. 

Touch the heart of your world by making a bowl.

We Need Bowls!

Call for Artists – Every Empty Bowls event needs bowls.   Google “Empty Bowls” in your area!

Post your event information!

Send me a note here (leroy@emptybowls.com). I’ll put you up on the map.  Share on social media  #emptybowls 

Be Free – Be Fearless

Think Globally – Act Locally


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