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Empty Bowls Full Hearts Washington Pa.

Martha V. Paul, #404 Order of the Eastern Star and Washington County Food Bank are teaming up to raise money while also promoting awareness of food insecurity throughout Washington County with a soup tasting event on Feb. 15.

The “Empty Bowls … Full Hearts” will take place at the Masonic Lodge, 44 W. Wheeling St., Washington, and the proceeds will go directly to the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

Joseph DeThomas organizer of this year’s event said. “Empty Bowls is an international project to fight hunger on a community level. This allows participating groups to create and donate bowls, then serve a simple meal from local restaurants.” You can find out more at

In addition to raising money for the food bank, the event will educate those who attend on how dealing with food insecurity is a common problem. With an estimated 28,000 people in Washington County lacking adequate means to obtain food is also an important element of the event. Your neighbors may be experiencing food insecurity and you may not even know it.

The tasting will feature soups from The Presidents Pub, Fortuitea Café, Maiden Street Subs, The Washington Brewing Company and Chile from The Southern Yank Smokehouse. Several other sponsors have signed on to pledge additional monetary support for the fundraiser.

But why soup?

Soup is a great meal that helps to illustrate both the need for some to make do with what is in your pantry and also the warm and comforting feeling that comes from warm soup,

Connie Burd, executive director of the food bank said, “The largest costs are not the food items themselves, which come from plenty of donors, but the operating costs of transporting the food around the county. The fundraiser will help offset the costs of diesel, gasoline and maintenance of its transport vehicles.”

Joseph J. DeThomas

Washington County Pa.