Don Ross Middle School Empty Bowls

Don Ross Middle School Empty Bowls
Hello Leroy and others at Empty Bowls, 
I am emailing you on behalf of the Don Ross Middle School pottery club, from Squamish British Columbia. Myself and my Pottery club teacher team (Kelsey and Michelle, CC’d here) are running an empty bowls project/event on May 18th with bowls made by both our students and local potters. 
We will be asking local restaurants to supply us with a potluck style meal; we will be donating all proceeds to Helping Hands, our local non-for profit that provides food and shelter to the Sea to Sky community. Helping hands also provides over twelve-thousand lunches a year (approx. 450 lunches per week) to schools, including to our middle school. In this project, we also hope to close the loop and thank Helping hands for their school lunch work that directly benefits us.
We are really excited to be part of the Empty bowls project
Please advise if there is anything specific we need to do to meet your criteria. We are really excited about this grassroots movement and this event!
Krista Bradshaw (she/her)
Humanities Teacher, Don Ross Middle School
Don Ross Middle School Empty Bowls
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