Build it and they will come

Gig Harbor Empty Bowls

Here’s how to start your own Empty Bowls project or join one in your local area.

Starting with doing a search for Emtpy Bowls in your nearest city. Looking for news paper articles or posts online. For example: Here’s a good lead and starting point. For Willits CA:

Might you be inclined to start your own?   
*. Find a local food bank that appreciates the opportunity for support and willing to help.   You’ll need servers and connections to get soup.

*. Talk to your local pottery friends, plus schools that have pottery, that like to make bowls.

*. Figure out where and when works best. Send us information on the event and we will post it for you too.

*. Make Bowls, Talk it up with friends, local business to make donations of soup. Look for sponsorships.

*. Send out press release a few times starting a couple of months before the date.   Include the local radio and TV Channels. You’ll be invited to speak and end up in the news.

** Don’t be shy to ask. Be infinitely grateful for all the support you receive.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Build it and they will come.

Build it and they will come
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