Bella Vista Arkansas

Attached are some photos, I at first embedded them in the email, but didn’t like the way it was coming out, so I am just attaching them.
1. Dave Johnson our main potter, over 700 bowls this year and 500 last year.
2. Me waxing the bottom of a bowl last year.
3. Our physical display at Wishing Spring Gallery in Bella Vista, AR. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday October thru December 2020
4. Our physical display at St Theodore’s Episcopal Church Saturday coffees 2nd Saturday of Oct., Nov. and Dec. 2020
5. Since no soup event in 2020, we included a packet of soup mix with every bowl purchased. Bean & Rice.
6. Showing off the prepared packet in a heart shaped bowl.
Thanks for your continued interest and inspiration.  We are going to operate the website year round. Our next push will be for Valentine’s Day, some different bowls and packets of candy. Starting to plan a 4th of July event as an Ice Cream Social.  We will be at 2 craft fairs in October.  Our November soup event will be on the 11th which is also Veterans Day, so we are planning some Red, White and Blue bowls too.
We accept all ideas and input.
Have a Merry Christmas
Phil Calkins
Bella Vista Empty Bowls
Bella Vista Arkansas
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